Free Ebook: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Your Children

By Florida Estate Planning Attorney Mike Mastry

Parents Guide
Parents Guide

Every year, thousands of new parents just like you think about putting an estate plan in place to protect their children if anything should happen to them. But fear and anxiety about the estate planning process and the thought of their children being raised without them makes them freeze up and do nothing at all. Without action, they continue to live in fear and anxiety, putting their children at risk because there is no plan in place to take care of them.

You, however, have made the choice to face your fear and get informed. Downloading this report is a first step. But simply reading a report will not protect your children.

You must take action. We can help.

In This EBook, You'll Get the Answers to these Questions:

Checkmark     What Is Estate Planning?

Checkmark     What Will Happen To My Children If Something Happens To Me And My Spouse?

Checkmark     At A Minimum, Which Estate Planning Documents Do Parents Need To Have?

Checkmark   What Happens If I Die Without An Estate Plan?

Checkmark     How Do I Choose A Guardian For My Children?

Checkmark     PLUS The 3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney

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